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Bay Area Team Building

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Hayes Mansion partners with professional team building companies that can create custom programs based on your organization’s needs, including Charitable/Corporate Social Responsibility projects and events.

Build Your Team

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The following events just scratch the surface of the types of creative, interactive team building events that Hayes Mansion can offer and host. Ask about our GPS Scavenger Hunt, Wine Blending Contest and other popular events to find the perfect match for your team.

Perhaps your perfect team building event is not listed above. in that case, get in touch with our team event specialist to plan your perfect team-building activity. With large outdoor spaces, a 6,600 sq ft ballroom, 24 meeting rooms, craft-able catering, and our own “speakeasy” with 2 pool tables, 4 poker tables, dartboard, and full bar; we can make your next team building event the talk of the company.

Creative Team Building Examples

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Work Together To Reach Your Goal

Food Trucks Challenge

Teams would work to create a concept, plan a menu, and execute a dish. A great event for teams that want to work “hands on” and foster valuable communication, planning, and leadership skills. Also, who doesn’t like to eat the fruits of their labor?

Movie-Making Madness

Invite your teams to create a 5 minute movie to wow their colleagues. Great for teams that love to get creative, while developing strong concept-to-product processes and delegation of duties.

Drone Decathlon

You group will gather to build a drone and compete in a variety of challenges, from simple to adventurous. Teams that like to marry technical skills with interactive development will enjoy this type of event. Drone Decathlon works very well with project management teams or similar teams that work together to hit a goal.

Zombie Hunt

Bust out your best survival movie skills while you hunt-and-track a horde of zombies, search for supplies, and use a nerf gun for protection. Active teams will love the mix of physical movement and team-based reliance in order to achieve their goal: to survive.

Request a Proposal

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Get in touch to plan your Team Building event

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